Support our Lifesaving Mission

  1. $5 feeds one raccoon for one day.
  2. $10 feeds one songbird in rehab for one week.
  3. $25 provides one set of food and water bowls for one fox recuperating at our sanctuary.
  4. $75 equips our clinic with medical supplies like syringes, bandages, feeding tubes and heating lamp bulbs, for two weeks.
  5. $100 prevents the spread of disease and germs in our clinic and wildlife enclosures by providing special antiseptic detergent for one month.
  6. $150 meets half the cost of treating a raptor with a bacterial or fungal infection, so that it may fly free again and return to the wild.
  7. $250 keeps songbirds undergoing treatment safe by building a specially designed enclosure where they can fly free without escaping, and without damage to their wings, as they recover and prepare for return to the wild.
  8. $500 houses one skunk in appropriate medium-term housing, specially designed to suit their needs and keep them wild, while they undergo rehabilitation.
  9. $1,000 returns one fox to the wild to live a second wild life, after being admitted to our clinic with a broken leg from being hit by a car; including veterinary care, medications, food and housing.

Please donate now to save the lives of sick, injured, or orphaned native Virginia wildlife. Your donation to Wild Bunch Wildlife Rehabilitation will make an immediate difference in the life of any rescued skunk, raccoon, fox, hawk, owl or songbird being given a second chance at living as wildlife today.

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Become a Sustaining Rescuer with a recurring monthly donation. This is a meaningful and continuous way to support the nearly 700 wild animals that we anticipate rescuing and treating this year. As a Sustaining Rescuer your steady monthly commitment will save lives by providing food, medications, surgeries, and housing for rescue recuperated wildlife. You will directly help us achieve our mission and give a second chance to wild animals in need.

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