We dedicate the following to our care givers that helped us during the year:

Wildlife Volunteers
by Jo Balliet

Many may be shocked to find
When the day of judgment nears,
That there's a special heavenly place
For wildlife volunteers.

Where raccoons play beneath your lounge,
Eagles perch on your footstool,
Where you can swim with bears and whales In a cool,
refreshing pool.

No parvo, worms, or rabies feared
As one plays among the species.
No rakes, nor scrubbing dirty cages
Since here won't be any feces!

No phones will ring to bring the news
Of another bird that's grounded,
For all will fly in that heavenly sky
As you're so joyfully surrounded

By Great Horned owls who hunt no more,
By lions that lay with the lamb,
By leaping fawns and majestic stags
And wolves who lick your hand.

And while you lounge and enjoy yourself
You'll be cared for because of your worth,
By the ones who luncheoned, shopped and lounged
But never volunteered on earth!