A Red Tailed Hawk Rescue

This fluffy little red tailed hawk nestling was found on the ground after a big storm. The nest was so far up in a tree which was now hanging over a steep drop off that we had no way of returning him to it.

We brought him home, fed him pinky mice overnight and transported him to Dianna O’Connor who has decades of experience raising orphaned raptors.

Dianna took excellent care of him and once he was old enough he was placed with a surrogate parent to prevent imprinting. He quickly developed into a healthy, well adjusted juvenile ready for release back to Mother Nature.

Dianna called us to let us know he was ready and we made the 90 minute trip to her facility to pick him up and transport him back to the site of origin for release.

He traveled well and was happy to be out of the transport box once we reached the release site. Matthew held him up until he adjusted to being out of the box and then launched him skyward. He immediately took wing and flew to a huge tree overlooking an open field. We watched him fly several circles around the field and land in another tree where he seemed content to look out over his new domain.

The homeowners reported that they saw him successfully hunt and take prey. They were very happy to have found us and that our network of rehabilitators we were able to team up to successfully return this majestic creature to the life he deserved.