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Wild Bunch Newsletter - February 2004

Wild Bunch wishes to give you a brief update of our activities during the month of February. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Virginia organization devoted to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of native wildlife. 83 acres have been developed in the Northern Neck of Virginia near the Rappahannock River to serve as our refuge. The officers and directors are Erika Yery, Pat Crusenberry, Diana O'Connor, Charlene DeVol and Bonnie Brown.

As the spring season approaches we find animals becoming more active as they prepare new homes and nests. Baby squirrels are already arriving and we expect raccoons to appear very soon. We have received quite a few calls regarding beavers, as they are especially busy cutting down trees to prepare their dams.

Diana has been reviewing materials for a new barn to be purchased for the refuge. If you will remember, we lost the old one to Hurricane Isabel last fall. While we still have housing for animals, we desperately need a storage facility for all the supplies, caging and equipment used at the refuge. This is a big expense and we want to make sure we purchase one that will serve our needs for years to come.

Erika has been working for the last year on a manual devoted exclusively to the care and rehabilitation of raccoons. She has been rehabilitating raccoons for more than 20 years and is committed to sharing the wealth of information she has gained over the years. Because there are so many special requirements that go into raccoon rehab, it is vital to have detailed information on topics ranging from housing and dietary needs to handling emergencies, providing supervised medical care, vaccination information and release protocols. In an effort to continue the important job of educating the public, information will also be included on how to co-exist with raccoons and the many things that can be done to make these situations beneficial to all. A seminar will be held this fall and we look forward to the opportunity of enriching the public's understanding of these incredible creatures. As you can tell from our many stories, we are quite fond of raccoons and are happy to share our knowledge with others.

In mid-March, some of us will be attending a one day seminar on raptors. This extensive course is given by Kent Knowles, who is the well known founder of the Virginia Raptor Conservancy and nationally recognized expert on raptor rehab. His course covers such topics as the identification of raptors as well the safest way to handle them in transport and the administration of care.

In this month True Stories, Erika Yery will introduce you to our Wild Neighbor, The Bobcat, Master of Concealment. These reclusive animals are seldom seen, but often heard during breeding season, between January and early April.

As always, we are grateful for your many generous donations. We know that the number of animals we will receive this year will continue to grow. As always, so do our expenses. We rely deeply on your support and appreciate everything you do to help us out.

Please visit our website at to find out more about our refuge and the work we do, as well as how to contact us and make donations. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. If you would like any friends or relatives added to our list of newsletter recipients email us at The more people that know about us and can find ways to contribute to the well being of our native Virginia wildlife the better for all.

We wish all of our Wild Bunch friends and family a happy spring. As the warm weather comes upon us may your hearts be warm as well and enjoy all the wonderful things that nature and wildlife has to offer us.