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Wild Bunch Newsletter – December 2005

Wild Bunch wishes to give you a brief update of our activities during the month of November. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Virginia organization devoted to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of native wildlife. 83 acres in The Northern Neck of Virginia near the Rappahannock River serve as our wildlife refuge. The officers and directors are Erika Yery, Pat Crusenberry, Diana O'Connor, Charlene DeVol and Bonnie Brown.

In the past month, Wild Bunch Wildlife Refuge took in and cared for 1 black vulture, 1 pigeon, 5 opossums, 2 squirrels, 1 Great Horned Owl, 2 Screech Owls, 1 groundhog and 3 raccoons. Erika received one juvenile raccoon and two baby raccoons. While things have certainly slowed down, we are surprised at the number of animals still coming into care this late in the year. The two baby raccoons received are extremely young for this time of year and would never have survived the season’s cold weather on their own. Although most wildlife are not involved with raising young at this time, they are certainly busy preparing for the upcoming winter. It is most important that they secure proper habitat for the long cold months and store enough food. We are happy to see that the acorn supplies are once again in abundance after last year’s small amounts due to the Spring 2004 cicadas.

We are still getting quite a few mangy fox calls. As it gets colder and there is less food available in the wild, these sick foxes tend to come out during the day looking for food. We are grateful that so many people are interested in helping the foxes get well. We also appreciate it when people call us back overjoyed that the program worked and the fox’s hair is growing back and it becoming shyer.

During the mild weather in mid November, several bats came out of hibernation and quite a few calls were received, asking if these animals need help. As long as the temperature does not go below 45 degrees, most bats are able to fly during the night and hopefully get back into their roosts before daybreak.

This month's True Story on the website is "A Christmas Tale" by Peggi Rodgers. It is a very funny and amusing poem about wildlife having a party during the night in somebody’s home. We are always happy to repeat this True Story as we know so many of you really enjoy it.

We want to thank everybody that has helped our wild friends during the year and we are grateful for your donations that made it possible to help so many animals. The number of animals we take in each year continues to grow and so do our expenses. We could not manage the large scope of work we must accomplish without your help and support. Financial donations can be mailed to Wild Bunch Wildlife Rehabilitation, 402 W. Alexandria Ave., Alexandria, VA 22302-4204. In addition to financial support, we also have a great need for volunteers to help out at the refuge. If you or anyone you know is able to spend even a weekend day helping with chores, please call us at 804-313-2240. We rely deeply on your support and appreciate everything you do to help us out.

We wish all of our Wild Bunch friends and family a happy holiday season. May the coming year be kind to all of Mother Nature’s creatures. May the New Year bring health, happiness and much success to you all!!