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Wild Bunch Newsletter – January 2006

2005 has gone by quickly, although I must admit there were times when it seemed that the year 2005 would never end. Reflecting now on the many challenges we faced, I wonder how we managed as well as we did. The Wild Bunch Wildlife Refuge has become well known throughout the whole Northern Neck area and beyond. Consequently, many more wild animals than we ever imagined we could care for, were brought to us in 2005. Game wardens from counties that have no resident rehabilitators brought all sorts of wildlife needing help. The general public, now, also turns to the refuge when they find injured, orphaned or sick wildlife.

During the year, Wild Bunch cared for over 529 native wild animals. If only the financial side of things increased at the same rate as our admissions, we'd be in great shape! Following is a list by species of the waterfowl and other birds, mammals, and reptiles that Wild Bunch received during the year 2005. Most were able to be rehabilitated and were released back to the wild during the year.

They include: Waterfowl and Other Birds: 3 Bald Eagles, 2 Barred Owls, 2 Black Vultures, 2 Blackbirds, 6 Bluebirds, 2 Blue Herons, 3 Blue Jays, 1 Broad-winged Hawk, 5 Canada Geese, 1 Catbird, 6 Chickadees, 1 Chimney Swift, 1 Common Loon, 1 Coopers Hawk, 1 Crow, 2 Doves, 1 Downy Woodpecker, 4 Ducks (misc.), 1 Finch, 2 Geese (misc.), 10 Grackles, 5 Great Horned Owls, 3 Hawks (misc.), 1 Killdeer, 2 Kingbirds, 4 Mallards, 11 Mockingbirds, 28 Ospreys, 1 Pelican, 4 Pigeons, 2 Pileated Woodpeckers, 1 Purple Martin, 1 Red-Necked Loon, 1 Red-tailed Hawk, 23 Robins, 6 Screech Owls, 3 Seagulls, 13 Sparrows, 8 Starlings, 3 Turkeys, 1 Turkey Vulture, 5 Wood Ducks, 10 Wrens and 1 Yellow Warbler; Mammals: 3 Flying Squirrels, 5 Gray Foxes, 5 Bats, 72 Opossums, 35 Rabbits, 120 Raccoons, 5 Red Foxes, 3 Fawns, 1 Otter, 3 Skunks and 72 Squirrels; and Reptiles: 3 Box Turtles, 2 Painted Turtles and 1 Red Slider Turtle.

One of the changing features of the website is each month's "True Story." In January, the True Story is "The Coyote, The Western Wanderer." Previously, we featured this story about coyotes but due to the many calls we have received about this reclusive animal, we decided to run this story again with additional information. For example, people often confuse coyote, raccoon, and dog tracks and they are not always able to identify the coyote when they see one. We are including pictures of the tracks of coyotes and of some of the other animals.

As always, we are grateful for your much needed donations. As the number of animals we take in each year continues to grow, so do our expenses. The financial burden on Wild Bunch to provide all the supplies, food, medication and equipment that rehabilitation demands is very challenging. Financial donations can be mailed to Wild Bunch Wildlife Rehabilitation, 402 W. Alexandria Ave., Alexandria, VA 22302. In addition to financial support, we also have a great need for volunteers to help out at the refuge. If you or anyone you know is able to spend even a weekend day helping with chores, please call us at 804-313-2240. We rely deeply on your support and appreciate everything you do to help us out.

Erika Yery