The Refuge

Aerial veiw of refuge
Aerial veiw of the wildbunch refuge
Refuge Woods
The raccoons in woods around the refuge

The Wild Bunch Wildlife Refuge consists of 83 acres in the Northern Neck of Virginia. It is located between the Potomac and Rappahannock Rivers. It shares a boundary with the 1800 acre Rappahannock National Wildlife Refuge. The Wild Bunch Wildlife Refuge property was purchased in May 2000 to serve as a haven for all wildlife and a safe release site for the wild animals we rehabilitate. On August 2001 an easement was given to the Virginia Outdoor Foundation (VOF.) Without the easement, open pasture could be destroyed, hardwood forest logged, and contributory streams could be contaminated. Houses and undesirable structures could be erected on the site. The easement does limit the owner's use of the property. It does not impact cages, and other wildlife related structures from being added from time to time. In its current and undeveloped state it will provide wildlife a habitat for many years to come.

But our most valuable asset is Diana O'Connor, resident rehabilitator. Diana has been rehabbing for 25 years and, in the year 2009, cared for over 800 animals, including virtually all of the native mammals and birds found in our area. Her husband, Dennis, is extremely supportive, and spends his weekends working on refuge improvements.

State of the Art Flight Cage, story by Dennis O'Connor