Here are links to other web sites of interest:

CDC Rabies Unit: The most authoritative source for information about rabies--nature of the virus, natural history, diagnosis, epidemiology, prevention and control, questions and answers.

HSUS Urban Wildlife Program: Good source for information about solving urban wildlife conflicts and creating backyard habitat for wildlife.

The Humane Society of the United States: A horrific firsthand account of the ongoing Canadian seal hunt.

Humane Wildlife Conflict Resolution LLC: The Wildlife Specialists at Humane Wildlife Conflict Resolution humanely evict wildlife from residents and businesses in Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland.

Michigan DNR Wildlife Disease Manual: List of wildlife diseases, description, species affected and photos.

Raptor Conservancy of Virginia: Organization devoted to the rescue and rehabilitation of raptors. Site has contact information for people who find raptors in distress. President Kent Knowles gives presentations using unreleasable birds.

Remo Raccoon's Home Page: Deals with pet raccoons and their care--demonstrates that a raccoon is a difficult pet and will, from time to time, bite the hand that feeds it as well as other family members. Remo is a 17 year old pet raccoon and his journals are hilarious.

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Information Directory: Covers many aspects of wildlife rehabilitation-- emergency care of found animals, nuisance wildlife solutions, nationwide listing of rehabbers, sources for supplies, birdhouses and feeders, books, drug dosage calculations, etc.

Wildlife Rescue League: Organization consisting of rehabilitators in Virginia and Maryland and their supporters. Operates a hotline serving the metro area, provides classes and supplies for rehabbers and education for the public. Site includes information about becoming a rehabber, schedules for classes and member meetings, newsletter, etc.

Bat world: Information about bat rehabilation.

Fox Penning: Learn more about the grisly sport and what you can do to help stop it in your state.

Animal Tracks: Interested in what animal tracks you see in your neighborhood? The following article provides great detail and drawings of common animal tracks you may see in Virginia.

Woman leads mission to help injured wildlife