A Very Special Donation

In celebration of her 5th birthday, Lilly Steiner decided that instead of receiving gifts, she would collect donations for Wild Bunch! Below is the letter we received from her mother. Thank you so much Lilly, the animals are grateful for your generosity!


My name is Lena Steiner and my daughter, Lilly, decided that instead of gifts for her 5th birthday, she would collect donations to give to the Wild Bunch. Lilly loves presents like most kids, but we talked before her birthday about how fortunate she is and how important it is to give back to those in need. I brought up the thought of collecting donations for a charity instead of having her friends bring her presents since she already has lots of toys. She was open to the idea. Then we had to pick a charity to donate to.

I asked her what kind of people or animals she wanted to help. She is an avid fan of the PBS show "Wild Kratts" where two zoologist brothers, Martin and Chris Kratt, go on adventures saving animals with "creature powers." She said she wanted to help animals like the Kratt Brothers. I asked her if she wanted to help domestic animals, likes dogs and cats, or wild animals. She was adamant about helping wild animals. That's when I did some research and found out about the Wild Bunch!

Since the kids invited to her party were preschoolers, I wanted them to be able to be able to bring actual items to the party that they could donate as opposed to just cash. The wish list on the Wild Bunch website was perfect! There were so many choices the kids could bring and lots of items people likely had already lying around their homes!

I'm very proud of my daughter for choosing such an important organization to support and hope the animals at the Wild Bunch benefit from the items she collected! We look forward to the day when she is old enough to volunteer!

Lena Steiner